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David Fetherolf

composer, music editor, master engraver

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 "Just because there's another way to get there, you don't shoot the horse.”  —E. Varèse


In business for over 20 years, BYTEMUSIC maintains the highest possible standards for concert music engraving and materials preparation. The professionals who work for us as editors, engravers and proofreaders each have decades of experience in the business and have collectively participated in the creation of dozens of publications which have been recognized for their excellence by the Music Publisher's Association through the presentation of Paul Revere Awards.

David Fetherolf, Bytemusic's Editor-in-Chief, is co-author of the G. Schirmer/Associated Music Publishers Manual of Style and Usage, 2nd edition. This text is used in-house by GS/AMP and other publishers as well as in conservatory classrooms and has helped set contemporary standards for materials production. Fetherolf has also worked closely over the years with members of MOLA (the Major Orchestra Librarian's Association) to help maintain and update those standards as tools and techniques have changed.

As perfectionists, we prefer working with the most professional tools available for computer generated materials and prefer to use the SCORE™ Music Typography System for engraving. However, Bytemusic's engravers are also well versed in the use of mass market products such as Sibelius® and Finale®, making materials created in those programs as good as they can possibly be. Moreover, we have the added experience of working on older materials by hand.

Bytemusic can also transfer your older audio materials (1/2 track or 1/4 track tapes, cassettes, vinyl, etc,) into digital files and send them to you, or burn CD's, for your use.